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STEINEL ESD Cordless Hot Air Gun with LED BHG360Li-Ion(300W)

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*2-pin Euro plug.
*including full sets of nozzles 077358/077457/077556/077655/076719.
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Model No.BHG360_ESD_Li-Ion_230C (300W) 
(PROD. No.351052)

STEINEL LED Professional Cordless Hot Air Gun with ESD, BHG360Li-Ion. ( 300W )

Declaration of independence for hot air.

STEINEL gives you mobility: With its powerful li-ion rechargeable battery, the cordless version of the practical HG 350 S provides ultimate freedom of movement for hot-air applications – even at places without mains power. The formidable 36-volt li-ion power pack that drives the BHG 360 Li-Ion has a capacitance of 2600 mAh and delivers the energy for 15 minutes of unrestricted hot-air work. It has no memory effect and impresses with minimal self-discharge. As a result, this hot air tool - which provides the same temperature stages at its mains-powered counterpart - is immediately ready for operation even after a prolonged period out of use.

The charger supplied with the tool recharges the battery to 75% capacity in just 30 min and to full charge in 60 min.

Technology datd BHG360.
Products 351052
Dimensions (hxwxd) 240(H) X 65(W) X 265(D) mm
Voltage 36V / li-ion battery
Output 300 W
Temperature 400℃ without nozzle / 500 with 7 mm reduction nozzle ( included )
Air flow rate 100 l/ min.
Run time 15 min
Weight approx. 1,790 g (including rechargeable battery) without case.
charging period 2.6 Ah 30 min (75%) 60 min (100%)
Charger LS-36 V
Accessories 7 mm reduction nozzle, included.
Reduction nozzle with 
Reflection guard Products. No. 077358

Precision reflector nozzle         Products. No. 077457

10 mm reflector nozzle              Products. No. 077556
40 mm reflector nozzle              Products. No. 077655

Solder shrink sleeve kits           Products. No. 076719

Reflection Guard
Products. No. 077358

40 mm reflector nozzle
Products. No. 077655

10 mm reflector nozzle
Products. No. 077556

7 mm Reduction Nozzle
Products. No. 002886

High-precision reflector nozzle
Products. No. 077457

Solder Shrink Sleeve Kit
Products. No. 076719

*Subject to technical modifications.


. Lightweight, ergonomic optimised hot air tool.
. Integrated LED light.
. Integrated ring for hanging the tool.
. Soft grip handle.
. Thermal cut-out.
. ESD-safe: suitable for use at places where there is a risk of electrostatic discharge.
. "Thermo-Signal" temperature Indicator.

For example, BHG360 County
Integrated LED light source Soldering electronic components on the ideal

Welded together and sealed: With the welding shrink sleeves, cable may be welded together and sealed in a watertight all go. Only a sci-fi t both ends of the cable casing welding contraction, heat and hot air tool equipment tted with the reflection vector nozzle - done!

In the bright LED lights provide illumination work in the area and also serves as a warning light The hanging rings, sci-fi 350 S is always easy to achieve in extreme working environment

Optimize the weight balance to ensure that fatigue free working Convenient position control switch is set off / cold / hot

The ergonomic shape of the soft and comfortable armrests, ensuring that
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